Slowly but surely the ice is melting, but not fast enough to get back to normal just yet. Temperatures will dip back into the teens tonight which will cause a refreeze. Please use extreme caution if you are traveling tonight or in the morning.

The following is a list of closures for Friday, Feb. 19:

• City offices are closed for all non-emergency personnel.

• Pearl Public Schools are closed.

• Waste Management will not run garbage pick-up.

• Water bill payment due dates have been extended until Feb. 24. You can pay anytime online at

Please check on your neighbors, especially senior citizens to make sure they are OK.

Please bring pets inside or ensure they have warm shelter.

We will keep you updated with any new information!

Stay in touch with the city through our texting services.

• Receive City Alerts: Text “Pearl” to 91896.
• This allows you to receive important information about emergencies, weather threats, road closures, etc… directly from the city.

• Report Issues or Find Answers to Questions:
• Text “Hi” or any keyword to 601-706-3177