It has certainly been a historic week of winter weather for the city of Pearl and one we will not soon forget. What began as a light glazing on Valentine’s Day, evolved into our city encased in 2-3 inches of ice by Thursday morning.

Fortunately, we have not seen widespread, long lasting power outages. We have, to this point, not had any major water issues. We have also been blessed to not have seen any major accidents, injuries or loss of life during this event.

We are planning to have the city back to normal operations on Monday, February 22.

I am so appreciative and honestly in awe of the work of our entire city staff. Our Public Works, Police and Fire Departments worked non-stop, around the clock, to keep you safe. We worked tirelessly in our efforts to keep you informed of what was going on in the city through text messages, social media and our website.

Like all of you, I’m looking forward to warmer temps next week, and a hope for spring to start soon!

Click here for a look back in pictures to what will be known as the “Great Winter Storm of 2021”

Mayor Jake Windham