Mayor Windham and the Board of Aldermen were given an update on the status of the Pearl City Park project at Tuesday night’s meeting. Following that update the Mayor wanted to provide a statement to all our residents.

“We, as your city leaders, are as frustrated as our residents that the City Park project has taken longer than expected. We are told by the contractor, Clear River Construction, it will be completed by the end of the summer/early fall. While the company is still within its contractual window of completion with the built-in allowance of weather delays, I have told them we expect the work to ramp up and not wait until the end of the contract deadline. In essence, they need to get moving as fast as possible without sacrificing any quality of work. We understand this company has struggled mightily over the last two years because of COVID which affected its workforce and ability to get materials. This is by no means a blame game as everything is operating within the legal timeline of the contract, but we are going to hold their feet to the fire to get this done. Our engineering firm from Pickering and our Parks and Recreation Director Scooter Myers, are in constant contact to provide oversight and accountability to the completion.

As the Mayor, I have always promised transparency in everything we do here in the city. I understand the frustration we all have driving by the Park every day and wondering when it will be completed. I am confident, barring a disaster, that we will see it open no later than this fall. My promise is we will have a beautiful park that everyone will be proud of.” Mayor Jake Windham