Exciting news for the citizens of Pearl Mississippi. The Mississippi Fire Rating Bureau has officially changed the City’s Fire Rating to a 4 down from a previous 5. This new rating comes on the heels of the City investing close to $9 million dollars on the new Station #5 off Greenfield Road and a new Central Station, located between Hwy. 80 and Old Brandon Rd where the old library used to be. Currently, central station has severe foundation problems which is the main reason for construction of the new facility. In addition, the City has also purchased a new Ladder truck for the Fire Department. Public works has also had many improvements, including the addition of larger water lines throughout. This improves distribution and pressures. Lastly, the Water Department is upgrading to the new iHydrant system. With iHydrant’s real-time pressure and temperature monitoring data and analytics the City’s Public Works Department can make informed decisions, protect water infrastructure, and manage costs. Knowing the exact moment when the system experiences a hydraulic event or rapid pressure fluctuations is critical. With real time alerts for pressure and temperature changes, the Water Department can improve response time for main breaks, accidental damage and other customer service issues. “Not only are all these improvements and additions going to be a game changer for our residents and businesses on the east side, but for the entire city. Our response times will be so much faster and we will be able to provide lifesaving service in a quicker time frame. This improvement to the City’s fire rating, should lead to lower insurance rates as well,” said Chief Burkes. Great news as the City continues its investment in infrastructure and capital improvements for all our citizens.
For more information about how the rating is determined, please follow this link: