The Pearl City Clerk received qualifying papers from the following candidates for the 2021 Municipal Election.

Jake Windham (R) *

John P. McHenry (R)*
Barry Carpenter (R)
Willie Moore (I)

Alderman Ward 1:
David Luckett (R)*
Sammy Williams (R)

Alderman Ward 2:
Michael Sartor (R) *
Beau Camardelle (R)
Keith Dennis (R)

Alderman Ward 3:
Johnny Steverson (R)*

Alderman Ward 4:
Casey S. Foy (R)*

Alderman Ward 5:
James W. Thompson (I)*
Gary Spurgeon (R)
Willie Harvey (D)

Alderman Ward 6:
Gavin D. Gill (R)*

* indicates currently in office