RFP Questions & Answers:


Proposal for Police Body & In-Car Camera System with Video Storage Solution <- Downloadable PDF


Questions & Answers for above RFP:

  • QUESTION: In Section III, within the RFP, under ‘Technical Capabilities’, it states: “Capability with existing software.”  Would the City clarify its remarks to help vendors know which software, or which use-case scenarios it has in mind, so they can better understand the desired capability?
    • ANSWER: This is actually in Section VIII under the Technical Capabilities section.  We want to make sure there will not be any special codec that will need to be installed, or any special licensing from a software vendor that would be required to view any video, or metadata from the system.  Especially any type specialty player, or converter separate from the system you propose to provide.
  • QUESTION: Will the City identify the name of its cellular data provider? Do you have an unlimited and unthrottled data plan?
    • ANSWER: We use Verizon Wireless.  We have an unlimited plan with no throttling.
  • QUESTION: Will the City clarify if there exists any preferred project installation completion date, and any other important milestone dates for the implementation?
    • ANSWER: Project installation and milestone dates will be negotiated during the evaluation and committee review period and settled in the final contract.