City Clerk

The Office of the City Clerk exists to serve the public with information and assistance. The City Clerk is responsible for the maintenance of all official records for the City of Pearl.

Functions of the City Clerk:

  • To record and preserve the legislative actions of the City Board of Aldermans
  • To conduct Elections
  • Administer and File Oaths of Office
  • Serve as Filing Officer for Campaign Disclosure Forms and Statements of Economic Interest
  • Give Notice of Public Hearings
  • (Post/Publish/Written Notification)
  • Administer Oaths, Affirmations and Acknowledgments
  • Receive and Open Bids
  • Receive Petitions Relating to Initiative, Referendum or Recall
  • Maintain Custody of City Seal
  • Attest to Subpoenas
  • Countersign General Obligation Bonds

Additionally, the City of Pearl City Clerk's Office is responsible for:

  • Developing and maintaining a Records Management Program
  • Making public records available to the public
  • Assisting with Applications for Utility User's Tax Exemption Applications
  • Receiving Claims
  • Giving informational assistance to the public

To request information, documents or records please download this form and send it to the address listed below.  Or you may email it to

Pearl City Clerk
2420 Old Brandon Road
Pearl, MS 39208