Storm Water

MDEQ has granted the City of Pearl a permit to discharge Storm water into state waters.  The permit requires the development and implementation of a storm water program.

The following controls were used to develop the program. 

  • Public education/outreach
  • Public participation/involvement
  • Illicit discharge detection/elimation
  • Construction site runoff control
  • Pollution prevention/good housekeeping 


All building permits require storm water permits.

Hot Line – 601.932.3519 Public Works-Street/Drainage

To report oil, paints and/or chemicals that have been poured into storm drains.  It includes garbage and other 

solid waste materials that has been dumped.

Help keep Pearl beautiful by keeping storm drains clear and clean.

The following links provide sources of additional information related to water quality and stormwater management for preventing stormwater pollutions.